by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner


An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles
by Arthur Evans, Charles L. Bellamy, Lisa Charles Watson

There is a story, possibly apocryphal, that an English cleric asked the noted evolutionist J.B.S. Haldane what could be inferred about the Creator from the works of nature. Haldane is reported to have replied, "An inordinate fondness for beetles."

! In fact, approximately one-fifth of all known species are beetles--350,000 and growing (and yours truly even discovered a beetle species in 1986)--yet most people know very little about this remarkable group of organisms. This is one of the best coffee-table books I have ever seen about the creepy critters, and the full-color photos of iridescent, brightly colored, or architecturally elaborate beetle gems is sure to instill an inordinate fondness for beetles among children, artists, and anyone with a love of nature.

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This book is strongly recommended by Andrea and Michael
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