by A. Bochdansky & M. Kriftner


Coleoptera - including good information and the BEST LINK-COLLECTION I have seen yet!
Stag Beetles of Taiwan - very good site including also general information on beetles
Japanese Stag Beetle - Kouichi Tanida's website including the insect message board and many links
Dorcus curvidens binodulus - very interesting site which contains many links to good japanese sites
An introduction to Japan's beetle culture - fascinating information about the Beetle-culture in Japan by the same author
Beetle Breeding Web - great site about the breeding of many beetles, illustrated with many great photos
Allen Sundholm's Page - with an interesting report on a trip to Borneo
INSECT MESSAGE BOARD for breeders, collectors and everybody
Beetles of Korea
INSECT CHAT from Iowa State University
An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles - nice web site about the book
The Tree Of Life - Coleoptera