The Noquicktime VR Object
As it is quite boring for many people to download huge files we wrote a JavaScript which enables you to turn around some beetles without any plug-ins. We are currently working on a version including more features; at the moment you can see the first experiments we made. Be sure to have JavaScript enabled. You need either Netscape (minimum 3.0) or the Internet Explorer 4.

The first beetles we chose were the european Maybug and, as a greeting to the big numbers of japanese beetle-lovers, the japanese Rhino-Beetle Allomyrrhina dichotoma.

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Melolontha melolontha
(european Maybug)
smaller version (51 KB)
bigger version (115 KB)

Allomyrhina dichotoma
(japanese Rhino-Beetle)
smaller version (60 KB)
bigger version (135 KB)

While the images load this logo appears, don't panic, this is correct!

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